CORONAVIRUS AND CLIMATECRISIS - Thousands of indigenous people in urgent need after extreme floods

Mayo 26, 2020
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As indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19 into their territories, extreme floods on the Bobonaza river have caused bridges to collapse, flooded homes and food gardens  threatening the livelihood of thousands of people.This is the worst flood in recent history, caused by deforestation and climate change. This is the Climate Crisis!

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The coronavirus pandemic exacerbates the situation, because government agencies are overrun dealing with the virus outbreak and have little resources to provide emergency help. These communities have no access to basic services, which leaves these indigenous people in an extremely vulnerable situation. 

Indigenous peoples of the Amazon are on the frontlines of climate change, protecting living forests while resisting extraction and other threats They are putting their lives on the line and now they need our SUPPORT!  We are asking the international community to support the guardians of the forest during this emergency to help urgent humanitarian aid, including food, shelter and clothing for those in need.

All donations will go directly to the affected communities via Amazon Watch.

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